Give Or Take: Boundaries, Altruism and Dealing With People Who Expect Things From You

There are two types of people you’ll likely encounter in this little journey we call life.

Those who’ll do what they can to try and help others.

And those who’ll try to get others to do things for them.

Be cautious how much you give to, or do for people who fall into the latter category.

Those people will likely set firm boundaries themselves but have little care for the boundaries of others.

Typically they come from worlds where others are seen as lessors, or as means to an end.

Most of the time this behaviour is unconsciously driven. They’ve been conditioned to believe that their own needs are more important than those of others.

They think, If I want X, I should have X. If I can’t get X but someone else can, they should get it for me, because they should understand how important it is for me to have X.

These aren’t bad people, that’s simply how they’ve come to understand the world, often through a childhood of privilege.

These people will take and take and take until finally, when you can’t give any more, they’ll toss you aside. Calling you the bad guy for no longer making their lives easier.

Give what you can to those you can but never do so at the expense of your own mental and physical well-being. Set boundaries, these are important and seldom a negative thing if you still endeavour to act empathetically and altruistically when you can.

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