Identity: initial thoughts

Note: I’ve wanted to write a book for as long as I’ve been writing. I think perhaps exploring identity and how we shape ours, using my own personal journey, may be where I finally put pen to paper haha. Here are some of my first written thoughts on the subject

The concept of identity is one of my latest fascinations.

What is an identity?

Who determines our identities?

Do we control them or are our they determine by the world around us?

Are they set or dynamic and, if the latter, how do we change them?

If they‘re dynamic, do our identities change with our own perceptions of ourselves or are must we seek to change to the way the rest of the world perceives us?

Social media allows the world access to our lives and as such there seems to be a growing collective conscious obsessed with defining ourselves in neat little 150 character bios or in grand declarations in our posts. (I am as guilty of this as anyone).

Despite the fact that it’s common knowledge social media is a carefully curated portrayal of our lives, I’m blown away by how often I hear people referring to themselves or others in comparison to posts they see or stories they’re shown.

As if we’re starting to build our identities more around who we aren’t, what we can’t do and what we don’t have and less around the person we are when we look up from our screens.

This forming of our identities by comparison, when what we are comparing to is more than likely an embellished, idealised image of a person, is a dangerous way to live.

I think we need to take time to get to know ourselves without the influence of the world around us.

Spend time exploring our own thoughts and feelings. Alone and without the judgement and opinion of anyone else.


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