Like the Desert Missed the Rain

📍High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

📷: iPhone 7+

Our trip to the Sahara Desert involved an ever-looming 10 hour drive home today.

For the most part we cruised through spectacular sunshine, painting the desert and the Lower Atlas incredible shades of red, gold and orange.

As we climbed the Atlas Mountains I was eagerly anticipating another breathtaking Moroccan sunset, however in the space of a minute, we drove into what appeared to be some fog and entered another world entirely.

It was surreal.

Rain clouds so thick they blocked the sun all together replaced the blue sky, the mountains around us loomed grey and black instead of shining like moments before and any hopes of sunset was brought to an eerie end. However life went on in the mountain towns. Fog lit roadside stalls (like this one) poked out of the dark, their owners still waiting desperately for tourists (like us) to buy a fake fossil or coloured crystal as they stopped in swarms to grab tea, coffee or a tangine from the hundreds of restaurants that line the route between Marrakech and the desert.


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